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Tatiana Prokayeva-Ross

Tatiana Prokayeva-Ross                              tatiana@cityshrink.co.uk    0207 125 0226

I am an executive coach, organisational consultant and psychotherapist. In the past 10 years, I have worked with senior managers in several global investment banks, as well as law firms and many international corporations ranging from pharmaceuticals to defence and from car-making to advertising.


Before the crisis, I was busy preparing talented staff for rapid promotion, supporting fast-growing teams, and helping businesses expand across cultures. In the past two years the main issues on the agenda have been controlling anxiety and stress, tolerating uncertainty, surviving mergers and downsizing – and often just staying sane. Now the focus is shifting to post-recession challenges: re-energizing tired teams and supporting new ways of talent management both inside and outside organisations.


I think all my work is about change management – and not just managing it, but seeking it, enjoying it, riding it like a surfer rides a wave.


I am no stranger to radical change myself, having moved between countries and political systems, and completely reinvented my professional and personal identity more than once. I started my career in Russia as an academic, then came to the UK to work for the BBC as a current affairs journalist and editor. This expertise led to my first consultancy assignments in the City, and I still provide advice on doing business in Russia. In a further development, training as a psychotherapist gave me new skills for thinking, talking and living, which I love sharing with my corporate and private clients alike.


I hold an MA in Linguistics and Philosophy, an MSc in Psychotherapy, and am accredited by the UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP). I am also an organizational member of the Association for Coaching (AC). I have a private psychotherapy and coaching practice in the London Bridge area.

Lesley Aitcheson

Lesley Aitcheson                                              lesley@cityshrink.co.uk 0207 125 0225

I am a business coach, a psychodynamic therapist, and a learning and development specialist.

Before starting my own business in 2001, I held senior line management and operational roles in a range of well-respected organisations, including British Airways, Merrill Lynch, Ikea and Disney.

My corporate career provided me not only with business experience, but also with insights into the complex dynamics between the needs of global companies and individuals who work for them. Having worked in the City, I understand the challenges and dilemmas faced by people in the financial sector every working day.

By providing clients with the space to think and by asking searching questions I help them make sense of where they are and why, articulate what they truly want, and explore with them what is possible and how they might achieve their goals.

I have a BA in English, a post-graduate diploma in International Business, and an MSc in Psychodynamic Counselling. I am a member of the British Association of Counsellors and psychotherapists (BACP), the Association for Counselling at Work (ACW) and the Association for Independent Practitioners (AIP) and I have a private practice in central London.