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Some Questions That Our Clients Have Found Helpful

You may be talking to several potential employers, who are all very slow in making a decision. In the current business environment, most companies are cautious in matters of headcount and remuneration.
Can you show with facts and figures how investing in you will add value to your future employer’s business?
You are probably competing against several other high-calibre professionals.
What exactly are the unique selling points that distinguish you from other candidates for the role?
You may have worked for the same firm for a long time, with career progression based on your track record. Perhaps you have not written a CV or had a job interview for some years.
Do you still remember how you got where you are now? Can you talk about your achievements fluently, calmly and confidently?
Does your CV actually tell a story?
Is your story interesting or boring, what are its main themes? And most importantly, where is your story going from here? 
A CV is not an obituary but a bridge between your professional past and future, so it needs to reflect your potential and ambitions as well as your achievements.
You may be considering setting up your own business.
What will be the key steps in your transition from employee to entrepreneur?
You have the skills and knowledge for a more senior role, or perhaps you have already been promoted to one.
Do you look and sound the part? Have you got your own authentic identity as a leader?