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About us

   In a nutshell, we are:
  • Executive coaches
  • Management consultants
  • Career advisors



We are independent and confidential – no one will ever know you are working with CITYshrink unless you tell them


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More about who we are:

CITYshrink is a team of executive coaches who have also worked as senior managers and/or consultants in large City organisations, as well as with other global brands. We speak the language of business and know the culture in which you operate.

We are also trained and practising psychotherapists, which means that we are skilled at working with the less rational sides of people and organisations.

The need to factor human irrationality into business decision-making, instead of ignoring it, has been a growing trend, accelerated by the recent crisis. Methodologies with a strong psychological component, such as behavioural economics and game theory, are being used ever more widely to expose and manage biases in strategic decisions. CITYshrink is actively developing this trend.

We help individual leaders and teams to examine their patterns of thinking and behaviour for possible biases, and to reduce the risks that emerge.

We work both with organisations and with individuals. With organisational clients, we focus on developing their existing leaders and staff with leadership potential. At the same time, many senior professionals choose to come to us privately – for instance, to review their career plans or to discuss a challenge which they want to resolve by themselves.