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Career Coaching

Our services are flexible and are designed around each client’s situation. We will help you formulate and implement your personal career strategy, be it to boost your progression at your current place of work, or to find a more exciting role elsewhere. This involves more than just updating your CV and brushing up on interview techniques.
In addition, we will review

  • how your career has unfolded over the years, your thoughts about the future of your industry as well as your place in it
  • what your career means to you, and how it fits in with the rest of your life
  • your skills, talents and personal qualities that are of particular value to employers
  • the skills, talents and personal qualities that you most enjoy using at work
  • how you want to develop in the next few years
Once there is a clear story about where you want to go and why, your action plan will fall into place and we will support you through the next steps.

Personal Impact Coaching

What if you have the skills and ambition for a senior role, but do not “look the part”? We can help you develop a strong executive image, including

  • your own authentic way of being influential and authoritative
  • working with multiple interests and agendas
  • a colourful and inspiring presentation style

How Long Will This Take?

This depends on how much thinking you have done already, and how hard you work during and between our meetings.
For some people, one meeting is enough, others may need five or six. Some prefer an intensive start - several meetings in quick succession – with occasional follow-ups afterwards. Others like to meet over a longer period with bigger intervals between meetings that leave them time to practise. We will adapt to the pace that works for you.

In broad terms, our discussions and practice sessions will follow these lines:

Identify key issues, review skills and personal attributes, formulate career goals
Develop CVs and spoken narratives. Identify new behaviours that need developing. Practise.
Apply in real life, seek feedback. Modify behaviours and narratives as needed.

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